Why Roll on Lip Gloss is the Future of Lip Gloss Dispensing

Why Roll on Lip Gloss is the Future of Lip Gloss Dispensing

Who would have thought that the famous roll-on lip gloss style from back in the day would see the light of day again in cosmetic stores? Well, this seems to be the case as lip gloss companies are slowly bringing back this trend. Every girl, younger and older, would have this in their purse and lips at all times. From the look of things, this might be the case once more soon.

There are a few reasons why this dispensing style is making a comeback, and they include:

Improved Sanitation

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is the contribution of hands to the spread of disease. By regular hand washing and keeping our hands away from our nose, eyes, and mouth, there is a reduced chance of spreading some diseases.

Lip balms require one to use their fingers in the application, which is not the most sanitary practice. A roll on lip gloss, on the other hand, dispenses product directly to the lips preventing contamination. It is an efficient way to keep lips moisturized safely. 

Upgraded Formulation 

There is now more knowledge in the beauty industry than in the '90s when these glosses were popular. With this knowledge, companies have come up with better quality roll on lip gloss that every woman needs. New beneficial ingredients include natural oils and oil extracts, vitamin E, and SPF, promoting healthy lips and preventing cracking and tinting. SPF protects the lips against harmful rays from the sun. 

The new formula also has a better consistency. It is not too light or too thick, and it is not overly sticky. Different companies have different products made from varying formulas, but most of them have the right consistency for easy application and easy wear without feeling too heavy on the lips. 

Previously, most roll on lip glosses were either a clear gloss or the fancy ones had a bit of shimmer. The new generation roll on lip gloss now comes in tinted varieties, and you can own several in different shades. Therefore, instead of wearing a colored lipstick underneath then applying the lip gloss, you can now get a colored glass that gives color, shines, and keeps the lips moisturized.  

Great Appearance

Glossy lips are now the in thing as matte lips are slowly losing popularity. Many people have had unpleasant experiences with matte products, such as drying the lips or cracking, and they are now looking for better alternatives. Luckily, many roll-on lip glosses have moisturizing properties that keep the lips supple. The lip gloss gives an impression of fuller lips which many people desire. 

The cute packaging of roll on lip glosses is also an added advantage, and women will enjoy carrying these around. Their small and compact size makes them portable, and you can conveniently slide one in your pocket and take it with you everywhere throughout the day. 


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