5 Color Changing Lipstick Ideas for this Fall

5 Color Changing Lipstick Ideas for this Fall

Color changing lipstick makeups are trendy and remarkable lip products capable of acing every fall makeup look. Available in a custom shade that changes to your favorite lip gloss color, depending on your skin tone and pH level, there are dozens of color changing lip products to compare. Unfortunately, not every color changing lip makeup can ace your fall looks or blend with your fall attire and style statement. The following are near-perfect lip makeup ideas that would work for everyone in the fall.

Exfoliate Before Applying the Color Changing Lipstick

Color changing lip makeups produce a beautiful and warm fall look, but they won’t protect against dried lips. Yes, wearing a tinted lip balm or shade of pink makeup on dried lips will lead to the worst makeup nightmare. Your dried lip patches will start peeling off or cause the formation of cracked lines or chapping. Give your lips a nourished and soft look after wearing color changing lipstick by exfoliating them first. Use a damp toothbrush or lip scrub to gently exfoliate your lips, after which you should hydrate and cleanse the lips with the perfect lip balm.

Prime Your Lips Ready for the Lipstick
Wearing color changing lips from trusted brands such as frog prince and lipstick queen will be a waste of money and time if you don’t prime your lips before application. The dry fall air has likely cracked or caused fine lines on your lips. These are skin conditions that won’t fade just because you applied color changing lip makeup. To conceal the cracks and fine lines in the lips, you’ll need to apply a foundation or concealer designed to balance with your skin tone. The primer will seal off all cracks and fine lines, leaving a smooth and even base.

Line the Lip Skin

The easy way to give your lips a new dimension with clear definition and shape is by lining the lips before applying your favorite lipstick of color. Use a colorless lip liner to line your lips for light, nude, or pastel lipstick shades. Use a liner matching the color of your lips and lipsticks to achieve a more contoured and precise look. The perfect lip liner will give your lips a dimensional look and prevent feathering, so choose wisely.

Match the Lipstick with Your Outfit

To supplement your dressing code and objectify your fashion statement, wear color charging lipsticks that have colors matching your skin tone and shade. Experimenting with several lipsticks can still work, but you’ll waste lots of time and energy. For white outfits, look for lipstick with bold and dark shades to draw the attention of those around you. For red outfits, look for tine down color shade, while for blue outfits, you should look for lipsticks with bold shapes, baby pink or peach shades. Pink outfits will blend well with bold or glossy transparent lipsticks, while dark outfits will go well with dark, pink, and orange lipsticks. 

Wear Lipsticks with Perfect Nude Shades

To create that refined fashion statement, you need to look for a nude shade. The trick to getting the perfect nude lip is to ensure you hydrate and condition your lips well. Nude shades often cause chalky effects on dry lips, so take time to find the ideal complexion for your skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, look for nude tones with a pink touch, while if you have bronze or medium skin tone, you should look for caramel nude shades. Consider rich cocoa or Aloe Vera nude shapes if you have deep bronze skin tones to complete your fashion statement. Always wear a lipstick-matching lip liner before you wear the nude lipstick formula.


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