We've Launched a New Lip Gloss Pack

We've Launched a New Lip Gloss Pack

Blossom aims to cater to girls' and women's needs from their range of products, including lip glosses, balms, perfume oils, and more. Blossom products are known for their elegant packaging and girly aesthetics that every girl would want to own and feel confident while using.

Blossom has now launched a new lip gloss pack that every woman needs. It is a roll on lip gloss with the same dispensing mechanism that lip glosses in the '90s had. It is the most straightforward lip gloss to apply as it glides over the lips easily with a smooth touch and pleasant finish. The plastic roller ball makes all the difference and makes this product stand out from other types of lip gloss. The glosses feature a signature theme which is, real infused flowers in the gloss.

You can see the beautiful natural dried flowers through the bottles in different colors making the product look beautiful. The scent does not disappoint, and you will get a whiff of the actual flower or fruit scent, depending on the type of gloss you choose.

Lip Gloss Scents

The new lip gloss pack comprises many fruity and floral scents to choose from. Each lip gloss is true to scent, so if you choose the mint gloss, this is the scent you get from the product. Each new lip gloss product also has a pleasant taste, not just the bland taste of most balms and lip products.

The new lip gloss pack includes the following scents: Banana, Bubblegum, Cherry, Coconut, Grape, Island fruit, Juicy peach, Lychee, Mango, Melon, Mint, Orange, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla Bean, and Watermelon. These fruity scents give that much-desired gourmand scent, which gets a further complement from the dried flowers. 

You can purchase any new lip gloss line product as a single or in packs of three, five, or ten lip glosses with different scents. The new lip gloss pack makes a great gift if you want to get something special for someone. The compact size is perfect, and you can conveniently carry it around anywhere in your pocket or purse.

Healthy Ingredients

The new lip gloss pack comprises the best formulation to keep your lips moisturized while adding sheen and a hint of color. Most of the new glosses have a sheer appearance but have a slight tint once applied to the lips. It is a very subtle complementary color for the lips for a minimal and elegant look.

Every lip gloss has natural dried flowers and mineral oils that nourish the lips and leave them healthy. The formulation comprises mineral oils, oleyl alcohol, hydrogenated polyisobutene, flavor, and natural dried flowers. These ingredients contribute to the product's longevity, giving the lips excellent shine, soothes the lips, and keeps them healthy. Every tube comprises 0.1 fluid ounces of the product, which is sufficient as a little goes a long way. Since there are no harsh ingredients, the product is suitable for all females, including younger girls. It is also ideal for all skin types. 

Where to Buy

The blossom roll on lip gloss products are readily available, and you can purchase them from any Walmart, Target, and cosmetic stores near you. You can also order online, directly from the blossom website, and on eBay and Amazon. International shipping is available, so if you cannot access the products in a store near you, you can place an order online for delivery to your state or country of residence. 

The prices are amazing, and you can secure a tube for less than $10, irrespective of where you buy it. Most places have the roll on lip gloss for about $5 or $6. The price gets better when you buy them in a pack, as you can get them for 3 for two deals and other discounted prices. Shipping is also affordable, and a few locations qualify for free shipping. 

It is impressive to see the roll on lip gloss style make a comeback this way, as this product is now a trendsetter. Everything from the excellent formulation, brilliant packaging, and affordable price is what customers desire in a product, and this launch was the future we needed.


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