3 Reasons Natural Nail Polish Is Back In!

3 Reasons Natural Nail Polish Is Back In!

Over the years, nail polish has evolved and diversified from what it used to be back in the day. In previous years, nail lacquer was just a simple formulation that went on natural nails, and that was it. However, there has been a lot of development that has seen modifications such as gel nail polish, color-changing nail polish, and more.

Change is good; in fact, it is excellent as many good quality, chip-resistant, quick-dry nail polishes are available for bespoke nail grooming. However, there are also many toxic nail polishes with harmful ingredients that cause harm to the users or individuals in the nail industry through inhalation. Recently, natural nail polish has been making a comeback because of these three reasons:

Healthy Ingredients

The biggest reason natural nail polish is back and on-demand is that they do not contain harmful ingredients. Some of the most toxic constituents of nail polish to avoid include dibutyl phthalate DBP, formaldehyde toluene and dibutyl compounds, formaldehyde resin camphor ethyl combination, and more 

These compounds predispose users to risky conditions such as cancer, reproductive complications, anemia, kidney damage, liver complications which could be life-threatening. Toluene DBP formaldehyde resin hardens nail polish and gives it a smooth appearance; however, the toxic effects are not worth these seemingly attractive aesthetics. Natural nail polish does not have these ingredients, and usually, they have a label to inform the user the polish is 3-free or 5-free. This means that the free formula used to make the product does not contain toxic chemicals.

Healthy ingredients in nail polish promote the growth of strong and healthy nails and overall health by eliminating toxins that may affect the body. It also protects the nail technicians who spend a lot of time with these products from health complications through contact, inhalation, and other exposure.

Many natural nail polish products are vegan and cruelty-free, which means anyone can use them conveniently. You can check on the nail lacquer bottle or packaging of any non-toxic nail product.


No Odor

There are several nail products in the market with a very distinct and potent smell that can irritate. The pungent smell is a strong indicator of toxic chemicals such as toluene and dibutyl phthalate, tosylamide xylene, triphenyl phosphate tphp, and more, resulting in this harsh odor. It is a very displeasing odor that anyone would be quick to avoid as it irritates the nose. The smell lingers for a while post-application, and if you go ahead and smell your nails up close, sometimes the odor sticks for several days after.

Luckily, natural nail polish does not have any ingredients with a harsh smell. Most of them are odorless, and a few have a mild scent, which is favorable. Not only does this make the application process comfortable, but it is also suitable for people with allergies, sinusitis, and other nasal-pharyngeal complications triggered by strong scents. You can visit the nail salon or do your nails, then go straight to your young ones without the risk of exposing them to harsh odors emanating from your nails.


A pro tip to use when buying nail polish is if the ingredient list includes fragrance, it is advisable to avoid it. Some may not list down all the harmful products by name, but from the mere indication that the product is fragrant, this is a red flag to stay clear off at all times.

Improved Quality

Cosmetic companies have gone a long way to research the best ingredients for high-quality natural nail polish. Thus, many natural nail polish products now available in the market have pleasant properties that improve nail health and appearance. There is no need to worry about phthalates DBP, free nail polish harmful radicals, and other toxins in nail polish products. 

The products have better quality in terms of formulation, which makes them easy to apply and long-lasting without drying out in the bottle when stored correctly. The nail polish color shades are highly pigmented, giving off rich color shades which many users desire. They have an excellent finish and take a relatively short time to dry.

Many people fail to realize that your nail polish will last longer when you take good care of your nails. Since natural nail polish does not have the best chip resistance compared to other products in the market, the best way to get maximum wear from your set is by observing the correct application process and aftercare. This means you cannot skip the base layer and the topcoat, which go a long way in protecting your nails and helping your polish last longer. Consider wearing gloves if you have any labor-intensive water chores, such as doing dishes or other cleanings. When you observe these precautions, natural nail polish will give you more extended service without chipping.

It would be best to buy good quality nail polish remover as you might do everything right, buy unique nail polish products, and then fall short with remover. Some nail polish removers of lower quality have harmful ingredients that may cause the nail to weaken and make them prone to breakage.


To have the best experience with nail products, you should know what ingredients to look out for and which ones to avoid. The best ingredients to look out for are water-based, aqueous acrylic polymers, among others. Check out labels dubbed halal, vegan, gluten-free, or cruelty-free on nail products. These specifications represent natural polish without harmful compounds. Consider using Vitamin E oil before nail polish application for healthier nails and cuticles. Reliable nail product brands such as Sally Hansen have vitamin E oil with an easy application for optimal nail health.

Diet plays a significant role in nail health, and it is essential to eat well as much as you invest in products. Having a balanced diet and eating sufficient dietary calcium contribute to healthy nails and prevent calcium deficiency in nails. Beautiful nail polish on healthy nails is a win.


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